Power Spins Casino Power of the Bolts

This exciting and electrifying online casino is just buzzing with energy and like a really great shot of espresso, packs quite a punch!

Power Spins, though still only an infant compared to other online casinos, having only been in operation since March this year (2017), has swiftly grown into a really wonder filled casino!

Their amazing assortment of great quality Video Slots and Casino Games, alongside their wonderful Promotions and marvellous Free Spins offers really set Power Spins apart!

Its theme is sure to pull you in to the Power Spins site straight away, despite it being relatively simple because it is fun, colourful and bright and bound to catch the eye.

They’ve so many brilliant games to choose from and the fabulous promotions just keep on coming!

Regardless of your level of play, or indeed your preferences as a player, Power Spins Casino easily has the capacity to keep your interest you and keep you happy.

Power Spins ‘’Power of the Bar’’ and the ‘’Daily Free Spins’’

This awesome little offer means that Power Spins Casino will actually gift you with a minimum of 5 Free Spins, everyday!

To become a part of all the Free Spin action all you have to do is make a minimum 1st deposit of £10 that day.

That’s just the minimum as well!

Get masses more on top of that too and by masses we mean it! In fact, you can get up to a enormous 100 Free Spins by simply doing the right things to fill up your ‘’Power Bar’’!

How do you fill up the ‘’Power Bar’’?


Just have a ball playing on all their brilliant games, as you normally would and – kaboom!

Here’s how it all works:

The moment you make your very 1st deposit at Power Spins, you’ll receive a request. In this request you’ll be asked to pick a Game Pack of your liking. Whatever your choice THAT will be the Game Pack that your Free Spins will be in for that specific day.

This puts the ball in motion and from then on, every time a real money bet is made by you on Power Spins Casino’s superb Video Slots, your ‘’Bolt Bar’’ will start to charge up/power up.

From then on when you play and by doing it – charge up, your ‘’Power bar’’ will keep increasing and you will be in the race to be able to get hold of get your fabulous Free Spins!

In actuality, if you play your cards right, you can get your hands on up to a massive 100 Free Spins every single day!

We suggest that you go and pounce on this wonderful little offer, which will just keep on giving again and again!

Go on! Unlock the ‘’Power of the Bolts’’ just by having fun and playing at Power Spins today and get hold of all those ace free Power Spins for yourself!

The Welcome Bonus at Power Spins Online Casino

There amongst all of the other awesome offers, like the tasty one we revealed above, there’s also the Power Spins Casino Welcome Bonus!

Power Spins love to take proper care of all their players and the plunder made available to you and all their players, both new and well-established players, is in abundance!

New players are gifted with something extra special as well!

For the full breakdown of their Welcome Bonus read below:

  • Sign up for an account with Power Spins
  • Get yourself 50 Free Spins – Completely Deposit Free!
  • 1st deposit will get you 50 Free Spins AND a 200% Cash Bonus up to £100!
  • 2nd deposit gets you another 50 Free Spins
  • 3rd deposit will get you another 50 Free Spins
  • You guessed it, 4th deposit will get you another 50 Free Spins
  • And the 5th deposit you make will get you another 50 Free Spins!
  • 18+ T&Cs Apply

That’s a gigantic 300 Free Spins!

Sign up at Power Spins today to add power to every day!